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A Complete Guide To Sewing Machine Presser Feet

Whenever you are surveying the market regarding presser feet then it can be pretty confusing and huge for a beginner. It will be easy for you to choose the right presser feet once you understand the mechanism of the best sewing machine for beginners. When you understand the capability of presser feet, there is no way you will start working on any project without presser feet. I always recommend people to buy the right sewing feet for their work.

Zigzag Foot:

This one is usually called “all-purpose foot” which comes up with every sewing machine and it’s suitable when you are working on the cotton fabric or any kind of delicate fabric. To fit this inside sewing machine is not difficult and you simply have to fix it without getting into complications.

Straight Stitch Foot:

Many sewers complain about their sewing machine that when they sew delicate fabric, the sewing machine starts to pull the fabric down, in short, the machine may start eating your garment. Straight stitch foot is an amazing tool to use when you are working on a delicate garment. It has a small hole from where the needle goes inside to secure a thread inside the garment and prevent the sewing machine from eating it. This footer is suitable for quilting work as well.

Adjustable Zipper Foot:

Fixing the zipper into the garment as a beginner can be pretty daunting and you may need a proper foot to go through this process. Adjustable zipper foot can be used for zipper and piping installation, bias binding, and edge stitching. While looking for some basic sewing machine reviews, you should check what kind of feet are coming with the model.

Blind Hem Foot:

If you ever take a closer look at the blind hem foot, you can see there is a notch bar in the middle and it helps in aligning the fabric. This footer can be used for blind hems, trims, and edge stitching as well. When you choose blind hem stitches to work with, use this footer to get the best results.

Button Sewing Foot:

Most of the sewers use hand stitching to install buttons inside a garment. But with the help of button sewing feet, you can simply install buttons inside the garment by lowering down feed dogs and select zigzag stitches. Adjust the stitches according to holes in the button and use 6-7 stitches.

Walking Foot:

At the time of working with tricky or bulky fabric, this footer is going to help you a lot in handling it. Walking is widely popular in quilting and when you have to sew multiple layers of the garment at the same time. This footer is useful in dealing with garments like vinyl, leather, chiffon, and organza.


We have mentioned some of the basic feet, which can adjust inside your best Singer sewing machine without pushing and pulling. These feet will bring finishing, neatness and even stitching to your work. By using these feet, you can simplify the work in no time. You can also visit Crafts Selection for more information about top sewing machines on the market.

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