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Types of Power Tool Saws and Their Usefulness

There are two types of power tool saws, and these are electric and hand saws. Hand saws don’t rely on any form of power, while electric saws can be powered by direct current or recharged batteries. From product reviews and guides on saws on LaserLevelHub, you will discover there are up to a dozen different types of power tool saws for DIY home improvement and other purposes. The uses and types of saws are highlighted below.

Band Saw, Chainsaw, and JigSaw

The bandsaw is often a floor-standing saw that works with a stationary table setup. The blade is a long, thin band of toothed metal that can be oriented vertically or horizontally. It can be used in cutting through wood, metal, and plastics like PVC. Band saws are suitable for cutting in circles, curves, and irregular shapes.

Chainsaw is a type of saw mostly known for cutting trees. You can also use this saw to trim and shape hedges. It can be powered by gas or electricity.

Jigsaw is a hand-held electric saw with shorter blades that move up and down at different speeds. It can be corded or non-coded, and it is mainly used for heavy works such as cutting through wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic tiles.

Chop Saw, Circular Saw, and Reciprocating Saw

Chop saw is also referred to as a cut-off saw, and it is a portable saw with a circular blade. It is designed to cut straight instead of curved or irregularly. The chop saw blades don’t come with teeth, but they are abrasive for heavy-duty cutting. Chop saws can be used in cutting tiles, metals, and tough wood.

Circular saws, also known as buzz saws, come with encased circular blades that can cut in rotary motion. It can be held in both hands, and it is mostly used in cutting straight lines in carpentry works.

Reciprocating saws can move back and forward to cut through the tubing, plastics, wood, and metal. They are useful for demolition works. They are best for precision and curved cuts and the Best Power Tools Evaluated by offer more insight into these saws.

Compound Mitre Saw, Rotary Saw, Scroll Saw, Table Saw, and Track Saw

Compound mitre saw make straight and mitre cuttings, and it is mostly used for flooring projects. They can also be used for precision trimmed works and angled cuts.

Rotary saws come with blades that spin; hence you can use them in cutting lines and patterns in different materials. You can use rotary saws to cut lines and patterns on thin and solid materials like aluminum, drywall, and wood.

Scroll saw combines the work of the band, reciprocating, and continuous saw blades for continual cutting. You can maneuver this saw to make clean and precise cuts. A table saw is a free-standing electric saw for making straight and angled cuts on materials.

Track saw comes with a guide rail with a spring-loaded blade system to cut through diverse materials. This saw is handy in making countertops and other DIY projects. Power Tool Reviews and Comparison provide more comprehensive information on branded power tool saws to help users make better choices.


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