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The suitable soil pH of each flower is different. If you like strongly acidic soil, the pH value is 4.0-6.0, such as ferns, orchids, gardenia, etc. If you like acidic soil, the pH value is 6.0-6.5, such as jasmine, vermilion and Lily. If you like neutral soil, the pH value is 6.5-7.5. If you like alkaline soil, the pH value is 7.5-8.0, such as cactus, geranium, etc.

Fleshy people like loose and breathable soil, while the garden soil is relatively heavy. Gravity will move the center of gravity of the garden soil downward, which will compress the root system of the plant, and even cause serious root damage. Therefore, if you want to choose to use garden soil to raise meat, you'd better mix some coarse sand with it. In addition, when using garden soil to raise meat, be sure to crush it and put it into the flower pot.

Don't use nutrient soil for breeding jasmine as much as possible. You can mix garden soil with coarse sand or cinder, or add some perlite to the soil(5 gallon nursery pots). When planting jasmine, the soil used must be loose, and the air permeability must be strong enough, so as not to hinder its root respiration. In fact, there is more than one method of soil preparation. Peat soil, perlite and vermiculite can be mixed, and the soil should be slightly acidic.

For crops that prefer to grow in alkaline environment, 20 ~ 25kg lime can be applied to each mu of land to make the pH of soil alkaline. If you want the soil to be acidic, you need to often pour some ferrous sulfate solution into the soil to increase the acidity of the soil. It should be noted that there will be insect eggs and fungi in the garden soil, so before using the garden soil to raise more meat, the garden soil should be crushed, tiled and exposed to the sun, sterilized and disinfected, and sundries should be removed.

After insect repellent occurs in the soil, plant ash can also be used to kill insects. Plant ash has a strong role in killing insects, because after plant ash and soil are stirred, plant ash can block the respiratory tract of maggots, and maggots will suffocate and die after losing their respiratory ability. Pay attention not to use too much. The effect of insect eradication can be achieved once a week.

It is required that the soil has a certain amount of humus and the soil layer is relatively deep(1 gallon nursery pots). Do not plant lilies in viscous soil. Secondly, the pH value of the soil for planting lily is preferably between 6 and 7, which belongs to slightly acidic soil, and the soil contains a small amount of salt. Planting Lily in such soil can be conducive to vigorous plant growth. In addition, the soil needs to be disinfected before planting.

After the soil is hardened, the diluted potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution needs to be added to the basin to reduce the alkaline substances in the soil and keep the soil in a healthy growth state. In the later stage of maintenance, it needs to be watered every 1 month to make the basin soil more soft and fertile. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure the cleanness and sanitation of water quality. If there are too many bacteria in the soil, it is also easy to cause white hairs to grow in the flowerpot soil.

Choose soil with good ventilation and drainage, such as peat, moss or pine leaf soil. For more meat, you can also choose to mix coconut bran and perlite in proportion. The best proportion is coconut bran and perlite in the ratio of 3:1. The soil configuration method is relatively simple, and the soil configuration has good air permeability and water retention performance, which is very suitable for fleshy growth.

If the soil hardening is serious, it is recommended to replace it with loose and breathable soil for re cultivation. When changing the soil, select the appropriate soil according to the growth state of the plant. Generally, cinder, river sand and nutrient soil can be mixed into new cultivation branches to ensure that the soil has strong air permeability and drainage. The height position shall be determined according to the original height of the fortune tree, and the height of the original soil shall prevail. The added soil shall not be higher than the original soil.

The soil that Isuzu jade can use is usually granular soil with good air permeability or sandy soil, but if all these soils are used, the nutrient level in the soil will not be high. Therefore, we can prepare soil for Isuzu jade. For example, we can use four parts of meat special soil, plus two parts of coarse sand, one part of ceramsite and perlite(plastic plant pots). After mixing them evenly, we can use them to cultivate Isuzu jade.

In addition, a small amount of red jade can be added to increase air permeability. Too hard pot soil will also lead to white hairs in the flower pot map. At this time, the pot soil can be turned deeply to cover up the white hairs, so as to effectively remove the white hairs in the soil. In addition, in the process of daily maintenance of flowers, it is also necessary to often turn the soil to avoid white hair.

Among them, it has the nutrients required for meat growth, and has good drainage and air permeability. When planting more meat, you can lay a layer of small stones on the nutritious soil, so that the drainage will be better. In order to avoid white hairs in the flowerpot soil, it is necessary to water the plants reasonably in the process of daily maintenance. When watering the plants daily, do not water too much to avoid ponding in the soil.

Dishui Guanyin, Dishui Guanyin will grow quickly in nutrient rich soil. Therefore, rich fertilizer should be added to the soil, which is conducive to the more prosperous growth of Dishui Guanyin in the soil. Dishui Guanyin can grow in loose soil, because the loose soil has better air circulation, so that Dishui Guanyin can absorb sufficient oxygen.

Dishui Guanyin likes to grow in well drained soil. If you pour more water, its roots will rot. Asparagus is suitable for growing fastest in sandy soil with good drainage(15 gallon nursery pots). Asparagus asparagus, also known as yun5 and Adiantum, belongs to ferns. It likes to grow in soil rich in organic matter, and the nature of the soil is weakly acidic. It can grow in dry or humid soil.

The flower soil composed of peat soil and sand in the ratio of 1:1 is especially suitable for planting succulent plants that have grown for many years and have old piles. This kind of flower soil can provide more nutrition for fleshy roots. Moreover, the flower soil mixed with sand can provide a loose and breathable environment for the meat. Many people will buy nutritious soil online or in flower shops. Nutritious soil is also very suitable for raising more meat.

After changing the basin, place it in a semi shady and ventilated place. After pouring the first time of water, it can be managed normally. If maggots appear in the flower soil during family flower cultivation, garlic liquid, tobacco ash and tea can also be sprayed into the flower soil to kill insects. When the situation is serious, the plants need to be removed from the pot and replaced with new soil for planting. Before planting, the soil needs to be dried and disinfected to reduce the breeding of bacteria.

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