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About the "white spots" in working on a book

When a writer embarks on the realization of a new idea, he does not always know the whole story from beginning to end. Usually even in the most well-thought-out story, like on ancient maps, there are white spots, where, as you know, "there are monsters. And they may well be if not to eat the inexperienced author, then to scare him. Or even discouraged from literary creation and storytelling.

To prevent this from happening to you, I suggest we arm ourselves with knowledge and give the monsters a fight.

Gaps in the story - new opportunities or terrible dangers?

More often than not, the following points are missed in the development of a new idea:

The path from one important scene to the next;

the motives of the characters;


scenes that you don't have a good idea of (everyone is different: some have action scenes, some have reflections and inner monologues, some have dialogues, etc.);

panoramic descriptions of locations.

These "blank spots" are, on the one hand, professional essay editing fraught with danger, but, on the other hand, offer many wonderful opportunities to enliven and develop the story.

Let's start with the dangers.

First, you risk tripping over such a blank spot and getting hung up - the text will "stand up. And then you can easily fall into a stupor and abandon the story for a very, very long time.

To avoid this happening, buy an essay remember: the most important thing - do not panic. You still have ways to continue the work. For example, spend a day or two brainstorming to get through a difficult spot. Or, on the contrary, leave it and keep writing what you already know.

I call it "uploading to the subconscious": I ask myself questions about the white spot I encountered, lingering for 2-3 seconds on each one, and then - I forget. Usually after some time (from a week to a month) the answer comes by itself, as if by magic.

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