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So, the efforts are always focused on providing comfort to the Internet user. It is important to be aware that to succeed, you need to ensure that your visitors love your site.

Connect with social networks

Social networks are among the most important uses for mobile devices. Many web users connect to social networks via their smartphone or tablet. It is difficult to determine who is connected from an office computer.

What happens next, if you have an established presence on social media, you are likely to attract interested people to redirect them to your site, and when it's not responsive and responsive, the experience for the prospective customer is likely to be disappointing, and many.

In reality, the vast majority of the traffic your site gets come from social media, which is why it is essential to consider seriously the mobile version of your website.

I think you've already seen me talking about "mobile first" and this refers to social media and the desire of mobile devices is what has led to a lot of people not having only mobile versions, but also making it a top priority for the version.

I've already explained to that you should start by designing your website for mobile devices and then for the desktop version, in fact it's smart to do this since the mobile version is usually more restrictive.

Responsive web design works better for SEO

It's something I've have mentioned in previous points. When it comes to optimization responsive design, responsive design is more desirable since Google is able to better position web pages that provide an excellent user experience. in fact, the absence of a mobile-friendly version can cause it to not show up in search results It is possible to confirm this by doing some tests of your competition.

At this point, what I want to emphasize is that out of the two options you have (two versions of the page or a responsive design) The engine will always choose the responsive design since it is more optimized.

It's a better method to search for web pages and keep out confusion. This is why I say (in terms SEO) that if the search engine is happy I'm pleased.

To keep statistics

Responsive web design has the advantage that it does not require two websites. This allows for more efficient analysis of stats. If you want to keep track of the traffic on your website, which you shouldn't do, it's easier to do so to do so with just one page.

In fact, if you are using Google Analytics you will have all of the data integrated, however simultaneously, you can filter the data based on the device that the user uses. If you have two versions, you'd have to keep the statistics separately and the analysis becomes much more cumbersome.

It's a matter for comfort. This is great news with regards to webpages and statistical analysis to support decisions. In addition, it can be beneficial in the field of marketing, so keep that in your mind.

It is much simpler to manage a single site.

I've told you that the data is easier to analyze with a single web page however, it's also a matter of business management. Rec

Be aware that you invest on your site in search of some kind of return.

The calculation of the return is difficult when you have several web pages. But, if you consider the user's preference to use mobile versions that the mobile version is likely to bring you more for your investment. It's determined by how many visits it gets.

It is also more cost-effective to maintain your site since it is only one variant. If you must make changes, it is easier, takes less time, and generates less cost.

Responsive web design is an investment into the future

I mentioned it in the beginning, and I'll reiterate it to you in the end. The trend of using mobile devices is consolidated and, therefore, it will not change, we will not return to desktop devices. It is a smart decision to invest in responsive web design.

Your site will to provide an excellent experience on any device regardless of some significant changes. Sure, you'll need to make changes in the future however, it won't be anything as drastic as the jump from a non-responsive web page to one that is.

As you've probably noticed, there are plenty of reasons to do it. It is the same thing I've always said to you: having an Internet business is about seeking to be innovative and following the latest trends. Already at this moment and being sincere, it is not an option, it is an obligation that you do it and the sooner the better.

Responsive or Adaptive web design? You can pick between the two!

Are responsive web designs better than adaptive? I'll show you how to pick between the two!

Are you responsive or are you adaptable? The million-dollar question! Choosing between one type of web design or the other is essential to win the trust of Google However, many people aren't sure how to make the right choice. Are you among them? This article will assist you to make a decision and improve the experience of users (UX), of your target audience.

Being responsive or adaptable is similar to deciding to bet on a Barca and Real Madrid match, what a decision! It's like deciding, based on the statistics and championships, if Messi is superior to the CR7 team or not.

Adaptive Web Design and Responsive Web Design both have fans and opponents. Even though they have the same purpose on a site I'm suggesting that both are equally popular. It is clear that you have to choose between either because it's not worth having websites that do not adjust to mobile-based searches. Google will penalize you!

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