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What is the language learning secret?

According to homework help website if you want to be successful in something you need to apply the correct principles. Be persistent, believe in yourself, and be willing to start small, to take some little steps ... and find a strategy to implement these principles.

The secret is not in the methods but in your wiliness to apply some principles. I speak 7 different languages and for any of them, I didn't wake up a Monday morning discovering that I was able to speak a new language.

Learning a language requires self-discipline, patience, perseverance, an "I-can-do-it" attitude and a strategy. We all are different and a particular method may work for Suzie and not for John ... but Suzie and John have an human brain ... it's why applying the correct principles is most important than the method itself.

I know several people who spend a lot of money buying expensive methods to learn a language and they don't know how to apply principles related to self-improvement ... then, they give up because they get discouraged and frustrated ... then, they blame the method. If you are ineffective, before your start blaming the method or President Bush, check yourself ... if you don't want to grow up ... then you can blame everything outside of yourself ... Go ahead!

It's tough to learn something new because it takes a lot of courage, determination, energy, mental exercises etc... It’s so good to stay in our comfort zone and don't try anything. Well ... if we don't try anything and we don't want to pay the price, we shouldn't expect a reward either. According to studydaddy perseverance is always rewarded.

I would like to tell you that I possess the magic formula or the hidden secret that will allow you to wake up tomorrow morning and realize that you are fluent in your target language. I am sorry ... I risk to loose some subscribers saying that ... but I am an honest kind of person ... the hidden secret is than such magic formula doesn't exist. The secret is there is not secret. The secret is that you need to apply principles to succeed: be consistent, accept to make mistakes (That’s human nature), and keep trying until you reach your goals.

Marketers who use the word "secret" in their ad, who pretend to know the hidden secret to make you rich overnight or to make you loose 100 pounds in 2 days, or learn a foreign language is 10 days ... just try to make a sale because using the keyword "secret" in an ad increase sales ... there are words that are triggers ... We live in a microwave-mentality society, people tend to want every think fast ... they want everything RIGHT NOW ... and marketers play on that: Don't be a victim of marketing hype.

I am not a marketer but someone who is passionate about something and try to share her experiences to try to help somebody else. I don't recommend THE method because I don't believe that THE method exists, I recommend several methods that I think are good and I give people the freedom to choose because I believe that there are different type of learners and the learners have to choose a method according to his learning style ... Also, physics homework helper don't believe than the power is in the method but the true resources are inside someone ... Succeed or fail in reaching your destination; it's up to you.

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