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Emotional Support Animal: A Complete Health Package - 2022 Guide

If you're wondering how an animal could provide you emotional support in times of need then you have landed on the right page. In such situations, your only solution is getting a legal authorization that allows you to keep a pet even in places where they are not allowed. If you get an esa letter for housing then even your landlord could not restrict the presence of your pet on the premises. Once you get the letter, you can use it for the next whole year before it needs to be renewed again.

This article is meant to add to your knowledge on how your pet could take the role of a complete health package and give you emotional and mental support when you're struggling to get through a dark phase of your life.

Most people today do not know about ESA therapy which involves keeping support animals with you all the time for comfort. The reason behind this is the non-prevalence in psychiatry. Counselors and therapists hardly use this method for treating patients who deal with mental disorders or emotional stress because they are keen on utilizing traditional methods of therapy.

I am sure that people who keep pets either intentionally or unintentionally take emotional support from them in the form of healthy distractions, pleasant moments, and cheerful times. Even the individuals who are mentally and emotionally stable will give credit to a portion of their sanity and happiness to their pets.

Health Benefits of Emotional Support Animal

While most of you would agree with me on this that pets make life so much cheerful and gloomy but one thing that you may not know is the health benefits they bring to our lives. If we particularly talk about an emotional support animal that is recommended to us by a licensed professional and is acquired through an ESA Letter, then the context would become even easier to understand. It is because an ESA is more than what a normal pet could offer. They are a companion of both dark and gloomy days.

Below is a detailed description of the health benefits that an ESA offers to its human companions.

Reduce depression and anxiety

The most common problems that have plagued more than half of our population are depression and anxiety. These two mental health issues have disturbed the healthy balance of physical and mental health of individuals as they give birth to tons of other health-related problems. However, with an ESA pet such as a dog or a cat, you wouldn't have to worry about being depressed or anxious.

Your ESA pet understands your mood and cheers you up when you're feeling low because of any depressing situation. You'd be amazed at your pet's level of understanding in such circumstances.

Offer calmness and comfort

Being calm and in a comforting environment is the key to a healthy and blissful life. Many people do not recognize the importance of these two elements in their lives unless they experience a situation where they can no longer remain calm or get comfort from anything.

Being in the presence of a pet keeps your mood calm and gives you an unknown comfort that you do not realize you need. However, to gain comfort from your pet, you ought to be in its presence all the time. You can never guess what could trigger your anxiety at any time, so it makes it mandatory for you to house your pet and take it with you while you travel if your mental wellbeing is attached to it.

However, the biggest dilemma in housing pets and taking them with you to public places is that not all housing locations or landlords allow pets. Besides, many public places such as parks and beaches do not permit the presence of pets due to the fear that they may cause disturbance for others or become a threat for them.

production of neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are the cells in the human brain that make them happy. Research shows that dogs and some other pets produce neurochemicals that help in the production of such cells in a person's brain that cause happiness, love, and bonding. All of these have certain mental health benefits that improve the overall standard of an individual's health.

Stabilize intense emotions

Oftentimes a person feels intense emotions due to their current circumstances during which they require emotional support. Those intense emotions could even become overwhelming if not handled correctly. To avoid overwhelming emotions and effectively cope with mental health dilemmas, keep your ESA pet close to you all the time. Do not waste any more seconds on acquiring an emotional support animal letter. If you're not putting deliberate efforts into coping with your issues, you'll get lost in the loop of negative emotions that you may never rise from.

Above are a few examples of how an emotional support animal could act as your complete health package and provide you constant support without any judgment. They assist to increase your self-esteem and enhance your self-image, which aids in the improvement of your mental health. The list of health benefits of these tiny fluff balls goes on and on, and I'm sure I'd run out of words if I tried, but the list would go on.

Finally, if you are experiencing symptoms of mental health difficulties or emotional stress, I recommend that you see your therapist or counselor. The sooner you contact them and begin treatment, the sooner you will be able to cope with it. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit So good luck with that.

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