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Facial equipment that allows you to easily take care of your skin at home is attracting a lot of attention now that people are spending more and more time at home. Since the functions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it can be difficult to choose the right facial device.

Here are some of the best-selling facial care products in a ranking format.

No. 1 Introduction Facial Equipment Ion Effector High Penetration Type EH-ST98

The ion effector EH-ST98 from Panasonic is a facial device that can deliver moisturizing ingredients to your skin. It penetrates the skin better than using hands or cotton. With the pre-care mode and moisturizing mode, even dry fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable.

The technology developed by focusing on beauty clinic technology allows even large molecule beauty ingredients to penetrate well. With just one mask, you can expect a variety of effects such as moisturizing, brightening, removing dirt from pores, and tightening pores to improve the condition of your skin.

If you live in a mask and are worried about skin irritation, please take care of your skin with the Ion Effector EH-ST98.

No.2 RF Beauté Photo PLUS HRF-10T

This is a multifunctional facial device from Ya-Man. Cleansing, introduction, facial muscle care, and photo care can all be done in one device. It can be said that it is a facial machine that can provide a full course of beauty salon treatment at home.

It is equipped with radio waves, which are also used in beauty clinics and esthetic salons, so it can make your skin firmer. When used in conjunction with the EMS function, it can lift up the mouth and cheeks, which are prone to sagging.

This facial device can also tighten sagging pores and make your skin pore free. The ion-conducting function also removes dirt clogged deep in the pores for clearer skin.

No. 3 MIO2 Facial Massager

This is a facial massager released by L&L Skin. Kassa is a beauty care method that was born in China and has been attracting attention in beauty salons. It is said to have been practiced for about 2,500 years, using a special kassa board to improve the flow of lymph and remove wastes.

When used, it improves blood circulation, so you can expect various effects such as better skin tone and less acne and pimples. This kassa plate is said to give you the effect of firmness and brighter skin after just one use, and it can be used on the body as well as the face.

It is exquisitely shaped to fit the skin easily and can be used for the eye area, forehead, and lines, for the neck and décolleté, for the face line, and for the cheeks and body. The temperature can be set so that you can use it while gently warming up for a comfortable treatment.

I recommend this product because it is gentler on the skin and easier to use than regular kassa plates. If you use it in the morning before applying makeup, your makeup will go on better.

No. 4 beaute A IB-LF7

This is a facial cleanser from Sharp. In four easy steps, you can perform a popular esthetic course. It has a blemish navigation function that detects and approaches blemishes, so it is recommended to use cosmetics with whitening ingredients.

When it finds a blemish, it automatically changes the output power to treat it. It has a heating head and a cooling head, so you can use them differently to tighten your skin. It is designed to be operated with one hand and is lightweight, making it easy to use every day. It comes with a ring to hold the cotton firmly in place, so you don't have to worry about it coming off during cleaning.

This is a multifunctional facial device that is also easy to use. It also comes with a timer function that tells you when it's time to clean your face. The beaute A IB-LF7 is easy to use, even for people who have never used a facial beauty device before.

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